The Best Healthy Food & Restaurants In Riverside & San Bernardino

Best healthy restaurants Riverside San Bernardino vegetarian salads your area

We will be taking a closer look at where you can find healthy food and restaurants in Riverside and San Bernardino today. We’ll do our best to cover all of the best locations near you to acquire nutritious foods so you will feel as good as possible when your next meal is finished.

The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your area will get things going and vegetable lovers have plenty of options in this town. Other local healthy restaurants will come next, as well as nice salad bars and soup restaurants.

Buying nutritious things at Riverside and San Bernardino health food stores and markets is a fantastic way to be in control of how healthy your diet really is. Smoothies and juice stores will follow, and then a few gluten free bakeries with lots of fresh baked low sugar sweets will wrap it up.

Towards the end there will even be a healthy foods map that will help you locate all of the places we mention throughout the article. If you’re interested you can also check out our other posts on this area of the world at that link.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

Some of the best local vegan and vegetarian restaurants would be:

Vegan Korner delivers standard and vegan pizzas with creative toppings six days a week while offering a variety of specials as well as catering and delivery around the Inland Empire.

In a comfortable setting Oasis Vegetarian Cafe delivers vegetarian and vegan adaptations of Mexican and American classics.

Vegan Fresh is a fast-casual restaurant that also provides plant-based catering for special events.

Cafe Organix is honored to have 10 years serving the community with all day breakfast, salads, drinks, and small plates.

Happy Family Vegetarian has a menu that features vegetable fish with hot bean sauce, stir-fried asparagus, deep fried wontons, and more.

Aria Flora Vegan serves authentic and reliable vegan food near you that culinary experts prepare meals with tremendous passion and cooked with high-quality ingredients.

Riverside & San Bernardino Healthy Restaurants

You can also try other healthy restaurants in Riverside and San Bernardino like:

Brandon’s Diner is a family-owned restaurant that serves American and Mexican staples as well as all-day breakfast and healthier options.

WaBa Grill provides an enjoyable dining experience serving quality meals based on healthy eating with low calorie, low-carb, and high protein options.

Salad Bars In Your Area

There will be plenty of nutritious foods to choose from at salad bars near you:

Those local restaurants with good salads have so many options we can’t even begin to list them all. We suggest you look at those links and check out their menu to see if they sell the right salads that you are searching for.

Chicken pesto artichoke, cilantro shrimp, southwest spicy brisket, seventh street ahi, house, Caesar, and cobb salads are all available at Heroes.

Beef, eggplant, house, shrimp, glass noodle, papaya, calamari, and seafood are some of the most ordered salads at Best Thai Cuisine.

Southwest chipotle, cobb, antipasto, chef salad, Greek, tuna salad, Caesar salad, chicken Caesar salad, and small garden are some of the more popular salads at Subs & Spuds.

D J Coffee has salads like Greek village, Mediterranean, chef, and chicken tender.

Soup Restaurants

Great soups can be found at these restaurants:

There are so many varieties of healthy soups near you at the above restaurants that we would fill up this page if we tried to list them all. It is probably best if you follow those links to see if they have the healthy soups that you desire.

You can expect to find a large variety of healthy Asian soups at Best Thai Cuisine.

Vegetable beef, cream of potato, turkey noodle, vegetarian lentil, and chili soups are excellent options at Soup Shoppe.

Taste of Thai sells tofu soup, tom yum, seafood, tom kha and many more noodles soups at their restaurant and also make some pretty good salads.

Health Food Stores & Markets

Healthy markets Riverside San Bernardino vegan restaurants near you

Pick out your own produce at these local health food stores and markets:

Smoothies & Juice Shops

There are quite a few Riverside and San Bernardino smoothie and juice shops too:

Nekter Juice Shop is a great place to try all kinds of juices and smoothies including some to detox and flush out toxins.

Bobaloca Shop sells strawberry-banana loca, strawberry-kiwi cooler, peach-mango tango, peach-kiwi blast and berry-pineapple medley.

Gluten Free Bakeries Near You

Gluten free bakeries in your area should have plenty of good things to try:

Noyes Bakery makes cakes for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions which are free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar.

Beehive Bakery Girl offers delivery of gluten-free baked goods in your area.

Goodwin’s Organic Foods & Drinks has a great bakery with many gluten-free offerings.

We have also written about:

Enjoy Eating Healthy In Riverside & San Bernardino

After learning about all of those local vegan and vegetarian restaurants, other healthy restaurants, salad bars, places to get great soup, health food stores and markets, smoothies and juice shops, and gluten free bakeries in your area it shouldn’t be hard for you to grab a delicious and nutritious meal in the near future.

If you noticed anything incorrect on this page please let us know in the comments so we can keep our info as fresh as possible. Hopefully you enjoy eating healthy food at restaurants in Riverside and San Bernardino.

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