The Best Healthy Food & Restaurants In Indianapolis

Best healthy restaurants Indianapolis vegetarian salads your area

Today we are going to be going on a deep dive into where to find healthy food and restaurants in Indianapolis. We will try to cover all of the best places to get nutritious food in your area so that you can feel as good as possible after your meal.

Kicking things off will be the best local vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Mom always told you to eat your vegetables, well you certainly will be able to at these great venues.

Then we will get into some other healthy restaurants near you, plus discuss good salad bars and restaurants with good soups. Indianapolis health food stores and markets will follow them up, buying nutritious foods and cooking meals yourself is a great way to know just how good your diet really is.

Smoothies and juice shops will come next, and we will get you out of here with a few gluten free bakeries that should also have plenty of low sugar sweets and treats. Stick around for our local healthy foods map at the end that will have all the places we mention throughout the post pinned on it.

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Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

Some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Indianapolis would be:

Three Carrots Fountain Square is a great place to eat salads, chickpea sandwiches, falafel bowls, seitan gyros, and nachos.

Some of The Garden Table’s has healthy brunch in your area including acai bowls, French toast, sandwiches, salads, blueberry hotcakes, biscuits, and plenty more.

You can also order healthy lunch choices like organic stir grill bowls, vegan BBQ jerks, tropical triple tacos, omega fat wraps, vegan grilled flatbread pizzas, and el cajun quesadillas at The Healthy Food Café.

Public Greens serves salads, acai bowls, soups, and falafel burgers.

Subito from our best soups list offers is another great place to eat local vegan food.

Indianapolis Healthy Restaurants

More healthy restaurants in your area are:

Healthy Happies is a healthy restaurant in Indianapolis selling more than 50 various meal replacement shakes including their famous energy bombs with only 20 calories, 95mg caffeine, guarana, ginseng, vitamins B6, B12, C, and biotin.

Salad Bars Near You

Healthy markets Indianapolis vegan restaurants near you

These local salad bars should have plenty of nutritious foods to choose from:

Green District offers a wide selection of ingredients for their customizable salads and grain bowls.

Fogo de Chao has been a well known Brazilian steakhouse serving fire roasted meats and tasty salads since 1979.

Authentic Italian dishes including hand rolled piadas, pasta bowls, and chopped salads are available at Piada’s.

McAlister’s Deli is known for its handcrafted sandwiches, fresh local salads, colossal potatoes, and famous sweet tea.

You can also head to Three Carrots Fountain Square, The Garden Table, Public Greens, Small Batch, Clean Juice, and Tropical Smoothie Café from our other lists for more healthy salad options in your area.

Soup Restaurants

These restaurants are known for their great soups:

Some of the options at Small Batch include tomato bisque with gouda, chicken velvet, Italian kale parmesan, broccoli cheddar, salads, grilled sandwiches, and over 100 seasonal recipes.

Subito serves at least 2 specialty soups every day along with their vegan and gluten free country vegetable menu.

Public Greens from our best vegan restaurants near you list also serves healthy soups.

Health Food Stores & Markets

Pick out your own produce at these Indianapolis health food stores and markets:

There are 3 Whole Food Markets near you but we do our best to not fill our lists up with the same chains over and over.

Smoothies & Juice Shops

There are plenty of smoothie and juice shops near you:

Some of Greenleaf Juice’s organic items include acai, E3 live spirulina extracts, dragon fruit, almond butter, pea proteins, maca powder, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, chia seeds, and coconut oils.

Clean Juice sells sandwiches, wraps, acai bowls, salads, and protein smoothies.

Salads and healthy wraps are sold at Tropical Smoothie Café.

Don’t forget about Healthy Happies who we linked you to earlier either.

Gluten Free Bakeries In Your Area

Enjoy some fresh baked goodness at these gluten free bakeries:

Native sells gluten free breads, cookies, and scones near you.

You can also buy cakes and pies that are free of gluten, dairy, corn, and yeast at Simple Taste.

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Enjoy Eating Healthy In Indianapolis

We wish we had more to share but for now that is all we’ve got. After reading about all of those local vegan and vegetarian restaurants, other healthy restaurants, salad bars, places to get great soup, health food stores and markets, smoothies and juice shops, and gluten free bakeries in your area it shouldn’t be hard for you to grab a delicious and nutritious meal in the near future.

While we try our best to keep these posts updated it isn’t easy, if you noticed anything incorrect on this page please let us know in the comments. Hopefully you enjoy eating healthy food at restaurants in Indianapolis.

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