The Best Healthy Food & Restaurants In Vancouver

Best healthy restaurants Vancouver vegetarian salads your area

Over the next few minutes you should be learning quite a bit about healthy food and restaurants in Vancouver. Our main objective is to cover as much as we can so that you will be able to buy nutritious foods in your area and feel great when your next meal is finished.

The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants near you will get the ball rolling and vegetable lovers are not lacking for options here. More healthy restaurants will come next in addition to nice salad bars and soup restaurants.

Buying nutritious ingredients at Vancouver health food stores and markets is a fantastic way to figure out just how healthy your diet really is. Smoothies and juice stores will get a quick shout out, and then a few gluten free bakeries with lots of fresh baked low sugar sweets and treats will round out the post.

Expect to find a local healthy foods map towards the conclusion that will help you locate all of the places we mention throughout the article. And we have written about numerous cities around the region that you can check out at that link if interested.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

There are some really good vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your area like:

Chickpea has a vegan food truck and restaurant that both specialize in plant-based comfort food influenced by the Mediterranean. In addition to delivering wonderful plant-based meals their passions have always included community involvement and environmental awareness. Every day they work hard to nourish people while also leaving a small mark on the world by preparing delicious vegan cuisine with compassion.

Seed of the Lotus Veganism’s ultimate goal is to create public understanding about the value of consuming nutritious foods for our bodies, communities, and the environment.

Vancouver Healthy Restaurants

There are plenty more healthy restaurants in Vancouver like:

Heirloom on South Granville’s 12th Avenue initially opened its doors in 2012 and offers a modern dining experience in a wonderful heritage location with a fresh current cuisine. All things are organic and sourced in the region whenever possible with a comprehensive menu of beautifully crafted cocktails along with a good wine list and a selection of craft brews.

Chau Veggie Express has been delivering plant-based family-inspired modern Vietnamese cuisine for over a decade. They’re a plant-based café that serves 100 percent vegan savory cuisine near you influenced by Vietnamese culture and family.

The Naam Cafe debuted in the center of Kitsilano in 1968 when Fourth Avenue was still known as Rainbow Road.

With a 50-year history of serving vegetarian and vegan dishes and the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of dietary restrictions The Naam is the city’s oldest natural foods restaurant.

Salad Bars In Your Area

Healthy markets Vancouver vegan restaurants near you

You can always get a nutritious meal at one of these salad bars near you:

Smithe Salad has been serving fresh and healthy salads in Vancouver since 2016 and deliver to homes around town. Salad Loop has almost a hundred distinct salad options.

Field & Social relies on fresh salads and dietitian-approved cuisine.

More local salads are served in an urban casual setting at Hungry Guys Kitchen where they give consumers the option of creating a personalized salad using the ingredients of their choice.

Tractor Foods uses seasonal foods and sources them directly from farmers and suppliers that are close by. Southwest quinoa, snap pea, potato + mint, curried cauliflower, lemon kale, and kale Caesar are among the dishes available.

Soup Restaurants

Really good soups can be found at these restaurants:

The Soup Meister offers freshly cooked gourmet soups, stews, and chowders.

Since 1986 The Stock Market has been serving food created from scratch with local and fresh ingredients including some of the best healthy soups in your area.

Liquids + Solids Culinary Innovations specializes in excellent soups, stews, and chili’s and with natural ingredients that are produced in the region.

Thai Express serves authentic Thai cuisine including tasty Tom Yum and Thai Soup.

Health Food Stores & Markets

Buy your own fresh fruits and vegetables at these local health food stores and markets:

There are also six Whole Foods Markets near you.

Smoothies & Juice Shops

Smoothie and juice shops are good options for a quick and healthy snack:

There are so many varieties of healthy juices and smoothies at the above that we can’t even begin to cover them all. We suggest you check their menu on those links to make sure they have the right juices or smoothies you are looking for, along with any supplements, boosters, or meals like acai bowls that you might be after.

Gluten Free Bakeries Near You

Gluten free bakeries in Vancouver should have plenty of good things to try:

Lemonade gluten-free bakery specializes in freshly made dairy-free breads, cakes, tarts, pastries, cookies, and squares. They use regular white or brown sugar instead of artificial or replacement sweeteners.

Cakes are available at the Gluten Free Epicurean who also makes great  vegan baked donuts, scones, banana bread, carrot cake, muffins, cheesecakes, and plenty more tasty options.

Panne Rizo is not only a great local gluten free bakery but they also sell healthy baking ingredients and supplies.

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Enjoy Eating Healthy In Vancouver

Now that you have read about all of those local vegan and vegetarian restaurants, other healthy restaurants, salad bars, places to get great soup, health food stores and markets, smoothies and juice shops, and gluten free bakeries in your area it should be easy for you to grab a delicious and nutritious meal in the near future.

If you noticed anything incorrect on this page or if anything we mentioned has become dated please let us know in the comments so we can keep our info as fresh as possible. Hopefully you enjoy eating healthy food at restaurants in Vancouver.

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