The Best Healthy Food & Restaurants In Charleston

Best healthy restaurants Charleston vegetarian salads your area

We will be taking a closer look at where you can find healthy food and restaurants in Charleston today. We’ll do our best to cover all of the best locations near you to acquire nutritious foods so you will feel as good as possible when your next meal is finished.

The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your area will get things going and vegetable lovers have plenty of options in this town. Other local healthy restaurants will come next, as well as nice salad bars and soup restaurants.

Buying nutritious things at Charleston health food stores and markets is a fantastic way to be in control of how healthy your diet really is. Smoothies and juice stores will follow, and then a few gluten free bakeries with lots of fresh baked low sugar sweets will wrap it up.

Towards the end there will even be a map that will help you locate all of the places we mention throughout the article. If you’re interested you can also look through all of our posts on where to eat healthy foods around the region at that link.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

Some of the best local vegan and vegetarian restaurants would be:

Gathering Cafe uses a lot of organic ingredients and their cuisines are influenced by fresh in-season food from the Carolinas. They offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes to cater to everyone’s preferences for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Charleston Healthy Restaurants

You can also try other healthy restaurants in Charleston like:

Verde is your areas first quick-service salad restaurant and has a plethora of fresh ingredients, freshly prepared proteins, and unique dressings. They’re redefining catering with made-to-order salads and wraps, personalized menus, an in-house catering specialist, compostable serving ware, home made drinks, and desserts and nibbles on the side.

Beech will serve you a fresh, quick, and healthy meal-offering acai bowls, cold-pressed juice, poké, fruit, fish, rice, and vegetables with catering available on request. Butcher & Bee is a casual taco café that is fueled by Hatch green chiles, fresh tortillas, and outlaw country music.

Salad Bars In Your Area

There will be plenty of nutritious foods to choose from at salad bars near you:

Cru Café has been good place to buy a variety of healthy salads in your area since 2002. Wedge, mixed green, and Caesar salads are available at Coast Bar and Grill.

Crust Wood Fired Pizza serves salads such as BLT, Caesar, shaved beet, greens, kale burrata, and panzanella burrata at their bar. Another good place to eat high quality nutritious salads near you is Henrys On The Market.

Soup Restaurants

Great soups can be found at these restaurants:

G&M Soup is produced fresh every day at Gaulart & Maliclet. 82queen’s Restaurant and Fleet Landing are both known for their she crab soup.

Health Food Stores & Markets

Healthy markets Charleston vegan restaurants near you

Pick out your own produce at these local health food stores and markets:

Smoothies & Juice Shops

There are quite a few Charleston smoothie and juice shops too:

Clean Juice serves organic nibbles, smoothies, juices, coffee, and other beverages.

Tropical cocktails and smoothies are all available at Juice Of Zeus Smoothie Bar.

The Daily provides a refreshing assortment of cold-pressed and made-to-order juices and smoothies.

Gluten Free Bakeries Near You

Gluten free bakeries in your area should have plenty of good things to try:

Mabel Maes specializes in making gluten-free cakes, muffins, scones, bars, buns, nibbles, cupcakes, and cookies. Gluten-free cakes, pies, macaroons, biscuits, and cupcakes are available at Birds Gluten Free Bakery which offers local delivery.

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Enjoy Eating Healthy In Charleston

After learning about all of those local vegan and vegetarian restaurants, other healthy restaurants, salad bars, places to get great soup, health food stores and markets, smoothies and juice shops, and gluten free bakeries in your area it shouldn’t be hard for you to grab a delicious and nutritious meal in the near future.

If you noticed anything incorrect on this page please let us know in the comments so we can keep our info as fresh as possible. Hopefully you enjoy eating healthy food at restaurants in Charleston.

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