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416 Tel Aviv is a 100% plant-based restaurant. They make almost all of their plant-based food in-house including vegan cheese, bread, cream, chocolate, lemonade and ice tea. 416 Tel Aviv even make carbonated drinks themselves. What is really amazing about Four One Six Tel Aviv is that they grow all of their herbs in a hydroponic garden. How is that for a cool and sustainable plant-based restaurant.

Four One Six opened up to the public in January 2017 and is located in a very cool spot which is in an urban-design with plants hanging from the ceiling. When 416 opened back in 2017 most of their customers were vegans but now around 50% of their customers are non-vegans which are clearly a sign of some very successful vegan dishes.

Four One Six Tel Aviv Menu

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Since the opening in 2017 Four One Six has become a huge success and is a highly popular place for vegan food in Tel Aviv. What unique about 416 is that they do not only serve traditional plant-based food like salad and vegetables but also some very delicious plant-based ‘meat’. For example, the best-seller which is Steak Special, made from wheat protein seitan. Steak Special is grilled which gives it a smoky flavour and even non-vegans feel it’s a lot like real meat. People come from all over Isreal to try the delicious Steak Special which both in texture and taste is so close as it gets to meat.

By visiting 416 Tel Aviv you will be in for a real treat and for vegans as well as non-vegans this experience will leave you with a smile on your face. At Four One Six Tel Aviv you can also enjoy some delicious craft cocktails in the bar or while you eat. 416 is a must visit when you’re in Tel Aviv.

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Four One Six Tel Aviv

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